Tcho-Tcho People
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The Tcho-Tcho People are a group of tribes of near-human Asian natives. They can be found in Burma, The Anderman Isles, Indo-China (Tibet) and Malaysia. They are genetically from humans, they are notably smaller, have livid red skin, and other marked physiological differences. Legends point to prehistoric genetic engineering of pre-human ancestors by the Great Old Ones Zhar and Lloigor. These legends purport they "grew from the 'seeds' of the Twin Obscenities"). They are feared by other tribes and appear to be inimicable to Mankind. They worship the beings of the Cthulhu Mythos (notably, Han , Chaugnar Faugn , Rhan-Tegoth , Hastur and His Spawn). They appear to be the “corpse-eating cult of Leng” mentioned in the Necronomicon and have “lamas” as priests (cf. Elder Hierophant). One source suggests that only the warrior caste are bred small. They might be related to the Men of Leng in the Dreamland. The name Tcho means “destroyer” or “sorcerer”, thus the Tcho-Tcho people are the “destructive sorcerer people”.


Note: Robert W. Chambers mentions a race called “Tchortcha” who might be the same as the Tcho-Tcho.