Zhar and Lloigor
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Lloigor, “The Star-Treader”. The twin of Zhar, said to be imprisoned alive in caverns under the Isle of Stars on the Plateau of Sung. The twins are connected with the star Antares, from where they probably originated (although Rigel and Betelgeuse are also mentioned as origin points). His importance varies: sometimes he is seen as he “who walks the winds among the star-spaces”, a kind of cosmic Ithaqua; other times he is merely listed as a minor being along with his brother, Zhar, (to whom he is subservient). Worshipped by the Tcho-Tcho People in Tibet and Burma, and connected with Hastur (his father?) and Ithaqua (his elder brother?). He has the power to “draw the body [his body?] from the earth piecemeal” and his presence is signalled by sourceless winds. There is some suggestion that Lloigor's body was killed when Alaozar was destroyed, but if so then only the flesh substance was destroyed. Probably progenitor of lloigor species.