The Marsh Family
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The first individual of distinction in this family was Captain Obed Marsh of Innsmouth. Like most of the residents of Innsmouth he was forced to interbred with the Deep Ones, Pth’thya-l’yi. This Deep One ancestry means his descendents will gradually mutate into potentially immortal amphibious humanoids. They had three children, two of whom disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The third, an unnamed daughter, was from an early age educated in France and never knew the dark truth of her conception. The only hint to her ancestry was that her eyes greatly resembled those of the infamous Obed Marsh. Just after the Civil War she married Benjimin Orne and they lived together in Arkham. The two had only one child, a daughter. She at some point moved to Toledo, married and had three children. Two of her children appeared normal, as their father. Douglas however shared his mother's unsettling appearance. He would eventually shoot himself in the head after learning the history of his family. Shortly afterword the mother disappeared, presumably returning to the undersea city of Y'ha-nthlei.