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Sebek, The Crocodile God, is a Great Old One usually depicted as a crocodile humanoid with several lower jaws. Although weaker than most Great Old Ones, he has been known to be a warrior deity and is still revered as a powerful god.


Sebek is the creation of Robert Bloch and features in the story "The Secret of Sebek" and is mentioned in others such as "The Fane of the Black Pharaoh".

In these early mythos stories that Robert M. Price calls "The Egyptian tales of Robert Bloch"[1] Egyptian deities such as Bast/Bastet ("The Brood of Bubastis"), Anubis ("The Opener of the Way") and Sebek are treated as Great Old Ones alongside mythos deities, particularly Nyarlathotep.

Sebek's name comes from the Egyptian god of crocodiles, Sobek.