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Yidhra (The Mother of Darkness, The Shrouder and The Dream-Witch) is an Outer God who is worshipped as a beautiful, awesome and terrible earth-mother, similar to Shub-Niggurath  and might be connected to The Darkness. She has many avatar forms including Yolanda and Madam Yi since her “life-cycle” centres around absorbing other lifeforms and taking from them their evolutionary advantages (in the process she also takes memories). This cycle of “rebirths” makes her immortal. She has telepathic powers which gives her a link to her servitors, and can project illusions. Her servitors are “the Lurkers in the desert,” Xothra and Y'hath , and “the Children of Yidhra” (her human cult?). It is detailed in the book Where Yidhra Walks? among others.