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Titans are huge humanoid beings. The entity named Darkness is a titan. Titans are known to interbreed with Night-gaunts, humans, and many other species.

Mythological References

Being that they were some kind of Spirit and Human hybrid they were of course a kind of Cambion which is a word used to discribe them in all there incarnations though out time. although not all Cambions were Titans but all Titans were Cambion. The reason for this is that Titans were Giants first talked about in Classical Greece and its possible for these spirit beings to mate with humans and produce off spring that were not giants. In the holy bible the Titans were known as the Nephilim. And in Mesopotamian Mythology about a thousand years earlier they were known as the Anunnaki whose name literally meant children of Anu/Angels and the human goddess Ki. Although there is not much talk about the Titans in mythology in addition to being known as these. Its speculated by Ancient astronaut theorists that the Titans actually were real and that they really were physical human giants, and that they came to the planet Earth from the Pleiades star cluster. Although ancient astronaut theorists and Ufologists agree that there could be a race of Human appearing humanoids from the Pleiades star cluster they disagree if its just one race of beings or if there were multiple Human appearing humanoids from here that each evolved separatly in different star systems in this star cluster.