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A long-lived androgynous, yellow, fungoid, squid-like alien race. They come from the planet Karthis, a water-world, and possessed a highly evolved civilisation millions of years ago. According to them they created the first true hominids, after 700 years of experimenting. Some of the Nioth-Korghai became vampiric (calling themselves “the Ubbo-Sathla”) and these were outlawed by the Nioth race. Their relationship with the Cosmic Octopi is unclear. A group of criminals attacked the Earth in the late 20th Century.


The name Nioth-Korghai was created by Clark Ashton Smith as a minor god in his Zothique stories. Francis Laney listed it as a Mythos god in his Glossary. Colin Wilson picked up  the name and applied it to his aliens in the novel The Star Vampires. Chaosium as also used them.