Jervas Dudley
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Jervas Dudley is the antagonist in The Tomb.


Born to wealthy parents, Dudley was a daydreamer and would often play alone. One day, he discovered an old family crypt belonging to the well-to-do Hyde family that once lived not far away. For years he was obsessed with the crypt until one day he was able to enter into the tomb.

Once inside, he discovered a sarcophagus with his name on it. Henceforth, he would sneak into the crypt to sleep in this sarcophagus.

One night, during a storm, he found his way to the ruins of the Hyde family. The manor was destroyed after lightning caught the building on fire during a ball, killing one of the family members. However he found the manor alive with activity and very much in tact. He decided to attend the ball and spent the night living in debauchery and hedonism. Soon a lightning strike hit the roof and caused the place to once again go up in flames.

He would soon discover the ball was an illusion and that his father and a watcher discovered him screaming about not being able to be buried in the crypt. His father then committed him to an asylum where he was diagnosed with monomania. Despite the evidence, he insists he is sane, and that he will some day be buried in the tomb.