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Byakhee are interstellar predators that travel the vacuum of space by means of an organ called a "hune". This organ, located in the thorax of the creature, allows the creature to greatly surpass the speed of light by unknown means. The creature can also survive the interstellar vacuum unaided. If one had the means by which to survive the myriad threats space presents, than one could ride a Byakhee to anywhere in the cosmos. When travelling beyond the speed of light, the creature's metabolism is greatly increased. When descending to the surface of any given planet, it is usually to feed; it is best avoided.


It has been theorized that the Byakhee's "hune" is paramagnetic in nature; that is in fact attuned to the galactic magnetic field, and is propelled by the flux. If this is true, than it may explain the creature's uncanny ability to hover while planetside, as it could easily manipulate the earth's natural magnetic field to achieve such an effect.