A word about Social media and the new Media library

Today we'd like to talk about two things. First a word about social media on this site: We agonized over the inclusion of social media buttons and integration for this site. We dislike the page load time increases and the glaring colors and un-customizable look that comes with them. For the old users: We are sorry for pushing them on our viewers. For the new users that came here from social media channels: Welcome! Without the various tweets and shares and +1's we would have never been able to share our content with you and you wouldn't have gotten to enjoy it. We approached the idea of putting any share or like buttons with incredible trepidation and reluctance. However our site has been around for some time now and we were desperate to get some word out. After all what is the point of a site that no one sees?

Knowing our reasons we hope you understand why they are there and we hope that you use them. For our part we will try to keep them as contained and discreet as possible while still being useful.

Our second thing is the work on our media library. While its still far from done we have been protoyping somethings and come up with an idea of how we'd like it to work. First we are aiming to have user submissions and also have these submissions reflect back on the artists whose work is being shared. The second part will involved a monthly showcase and perhaps even an email campaign to help new artists get their work noticed. For now all we can share is this screenshot of our main gallery page. Hope you like it!

A word about Social media and the new Media library image